Setting up Apple or imap email on Android Couldn’t finish username or password incorrect error

Not my usual post, but so frustrating that I thought I would mention it on my blog in case others are looking for the fix.

My wife has an Android phone and an iPad. Her email address is a email addr and we have it setup on both devices. Recently it’s stopped working on her phone, but was fine on the iPad.

Trying to add her email to my iPad as a POP3/IMAP address using the appropriate settings as suggested at iCloud: Mail server settings for email clients just gives a “wrong password” error.

After googling on and off for a week or so (every time she complains about it), today I finally came across mention of Apples two-step verification causing issues (Original post) . Bing the light came on.

Basically, the email on Android phone doesn’t handle two-step verification so you have to create an App specific password to use instead of the normal iCloud password as discussed here Using app-specific passwords.

So, go through all the steps as usual to add the email as shown in the mail settings link, except use the super long and annoying to type App specific Generated Password instead of the iCloud one.



Whats really inside a Sega MC8123?

Dead Perfect Billiards MC8123A donated itself to science.

Desoldered the aluminium cover and bottom little pcb and magically appeared a black NEC MC8123A.


Apply some heat at the plastic ‘tub’ peels off.

Apply some more heat and the potting mix turns to rubber and can be chipped/peeled away to expose the little ceramic pcb holding the battery and a 3771 reset chip.



The bottom still has potting mix intact, so more heat and chipping away with a screwdriver reveals this.


Unfortunately the solder holding the legs on melted and they came off. All thats left is a ceramic pcb with what’s probably glob tops.

Unfortunately I don’t have the chemicals to dissolve this stuff and heat doesn’t seem to do anything to it.


I wonder why there are 6 solder points on the top of the pcb? Maybe a way to program the MC8123’s encryption ram?

Sega Outrun… Or is it?

I brought an Outrun pcb which looked original from the auction picture. It even had the Sega licensed holo sticker.

Nice holo sticker

But but when it arrived, it looks like a bootleg.


Back in the 80’s it was expensive to import electronic equipment (tv,etc) to New Zealand so many companies just imported the parts and manufactured them locally. In other words Taito NZ most likely brought the custom chips (including the ck5205 chips), from Sega and built them. Hence the ‘Manufactured under license sticker”. Oh, and thanks guys for soldering in all the eproms.

Original pcb for comparison


Edge connectors and interconnect cables are better though.