Konami-1 cpu replacement pcb

So, spend a few hours desoldering a Konami-1 bootleg replacement, and then find that someone else has done most of the work of making a schematic already.



The board itself

Top scan

Bottom scan

Seems there are still some questions regarding the extra pins (Konami-1 is 42 pins rather than 40 like a 6809e) and interrupts. Maybe some examining of boards with builtin Konami-1 replacements like Junofirst and Gyrus is necessary.

As far as I know Circus Chalie and Ropeman use this daughter board too.

2 thoughts on “Konami-1 cpu replacement pcb”

    1. This board differs from the schematic on the UKVAC thread in that there are dual 74LS74s. There is a bit more to the daughterboard since Q is fed into the D-type FF and feeds one PAL… looks like this is a bit more complete.

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