Sega Outrun… Or is it?

I brought an Outrun pcb which looked original from the auction picture. It even had the Sega licensed holo sticker.

Nice holo sticker

But but when it arrived, it looks like a bootleg.


Back in the 80’s it was expensive to import electronic equipment (tv,etc) to New Zealand so many companies just imported the parts and manufactured them locally. In other words Taito NZ most likely brought the custom chips (including the ck5205 chips), from Sega and built them. Hence the ‘Manufactured under license sticker”. Oh, and thanks guys for soldering in all the eproms.

Original pcb for comparison


Edge connectors and interconnect cables are better though.


2 thoughts on “Sega Outrun… Or is it?”

    1. Hi,
      Sorry, I’ve not actually connected it up to see if it actually works. I really should do that. 🙂

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